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October 18 - November 9

Winner of the 2014 Ovation Award for Playwriting of an Original Play, The Pliant Girls is an adaptation(ish) of Aeschylus’s The Suppliants. Fifty blood-stained brides seek refuge after murdering their husbands on their wedding night, but no one's eager to take them in. As Kay, Leta, Arianna, Courtney, and Philomena beg for their lives, their stories form a complex tapestry of contemporary sisterhood… and provide insight into the deaths of the men who stood in their way.

Combining humor, heart, and a healthy dose of rage, The Pliant Girls is a sharply insightful exploration of love, sisterhood, and reclaiming the power to make your own choices.

Charles/Silvius - As You Like It  @ Chesapeake Shakespeare Company

"Charles, the wrestler, appears for the match as a ridiculous luchador, complete with silver mask. Jordan Brown, as Charles, has all the arrogance and swagger needed to deserve his defeat."

-MD Theatre Guide


"Phebe’s suitor, Silvius (Jordan Brown, again), is blockheaded and terrifically soppy over a woman who doesn’t want him.

-MD Theatre Guide

Ralmond - Sometimes the Rain, Sometimes the Sea 
@ Rorschach Theatre

"Rain Cloud (a persuasively impassioned Sydney Dionne) falls instantaneously in love with a young man name Ralmond (a nimbly expressive Jordan Brown)."

-DC Theater Arts


Claudio - Much Ado About Nothing @ Chesapeake Shakespeare Company

"Jordan Brown, as Claudio, captured my heart on his first awkward and lovely hello to Hero, then broke it with his cruel misguided rejection of his love. Brown was soft with a razor’s edge, present and emotionally complex in his portrayal."

-MD Theatre Guide

"Brown has a fantastic stage presence that is both graceful and energetic. He is the hesitant Romeo to Benedict's brash swashbuckler."

-Broadway World


Thami Mbikwana - My Children! My Africa! @ Washington Stage Guild

4A Fugard FINAL 8.27.png

"Brown as Thami, like Barnard as Isabel, also goes through changes, but his are...different...If this was a story of an American colonist who becomes radicalized as the Revolution approaches, you might say it was like...Hamilton."  -Broadway World

"The scenes in the second act between Barnard and Brown are fierce, ugly, and raw, and yet, hopeful. These two burn up the stage and it’s a catharsis for the audience as well. Truth has finally been told."

-MD Theatre Guide

Curtis - Time Is On Our Side @ Perisphere Theatre


"He keeps Curtis from being a stereotype. His interactions with Delgado as Rene are unforgettable, especially in the scene when Rene teaches Curtis about “cruising,” one of the highlights of the production." 

-MD Theatre Guide

"Jordan Brown is a hoot as Curtis, comfortable in his own queer skin, perspectives, and mannerisms."

-DC Metro Theater Arts


Jock - Columbinus @ The Theatre Lab School of Dramatic Arts

"Brown brought depth to the stereotype of the high school jock by portraying the characters inherent sense of entitlement, due to his hard work. " 

-DC Metro Theater Arts


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